Who is Eve?

Eve is Mystery Label’s fashion AI that is available for FREE on our site and Facebook messenger. She is designed to help you find clothes and the latest trends in a matter of seconds. She could offer you outfit ideas based on the latest trends. In addition, you can also send her a photo of the OOTD you are looking for. She will show you similar options by pieces from different brands, based on the photo you provided.

Why Should I Use Eve?

Eve is a free service we created in order to help you find an outfit in less than 10 seconds. Our system is able to offer similar pieces from different brands and prices, based on the photo of any outfit; saving you time and even money without having to sacrifice your style.
Not sure what to wear? No problem, we got your back! Eve is also able to show you endless options in order to inspire you. We are an OOTD community, where people can not just get inspiration, but also share their own outfit ideas because being you is the most valuable thing to us.

How Does Mystery Label Cash Back Work?

Mystery Label’s cash back program is designed for our loyal users. You can directly log into Mystery Label or simply use our Facebook messenger bot https://m.me/mystery.label.
You could get up to 8% cash back for any clothes you buy through our platform. Once your wallet balance is over $25 USD, you are eligible to cash them out through PayPal.

What Is Mystery Influencer Program?

At Mystery Label, we believe that any person can be an influencer as long as their outfits inspire others. We want you to be yourself, while you share those outfits you are proud of.
In the meantime, Eve – our fashion AI will take care of everything. All you need to do is sharing your photos on Instagram with #Mystery_Label. Eve will automatically connect those photos of your OOTD with similar products. As long as you inspire people and generate purchases, you will get rewards. More details are available over here.

Will I Get Free Clothes from the Mystery Influencer Program?

Not really, we are not working as a traditional influencer agency. Instead, you will get up to 8% commission for each sale you inspire due to your photos. Remember, to get the commission, all you need to do is signing up. And start sharing your photos on Instagram with #Mystery_Label, that’s it!

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